Improve Architecture

Advice on advanced philosophies such as cohesion and coherence, separation of concerns, design patterns and more.

Well Documented

A hand written report bespoke to your code; no automated boilerplate advice, no dead wood.

Staged Delivery

For flexibility and confidence I deliver incrementally and you can stop at any time.

I would like to transfer my experience to you

A complete code review and tutorial on advanced techniques.

The technical stack that I can cover:

  • WinForms
  • WPF
  • WinRT
  • Windows Phone (7 & 8)
  • Entity Framework
  • Remoting
  • WCF
  • Linq
  • C++
  • C
  • ... and more

Topics I am likely to cover in reports:

  • Designing and coding your system for maintainability
  • Coding philosophies such as separation of concerns and cohesion.
  • Design Patterns that would work with your code.
  • Dependency Injection (Inversion of Control)
  • Appropriate levels of unit testing
  • Tools and 3rd Party Libraries to make life easier (either open source or commercial, whichever is the best fit for your project)
  • Tips to increase developer productivity and reduce error rates.
  • ... and more

How the process works

I charge on an hourly basis and the customer can agree a maximum number of hours for a project.

I split a project up into milestones; if you wish to stop at any point and I will send you the report as it stands at that time.

I recommend that first time customers choose a quick review covering some specific aspect your project. If you like the results you can return and agree to continue the report on any or all aspects of the code.

I am flexible and happy to discuss agreements of mutual benefit.

If you know something I don't

Nobody knows everything.

If I am impressed by a technique, technology or architecture in your code that I have not seen before and I think adds to my knowledge, I may offer you a discount on the final cost of the report as a means of thanking you for increasing my knowledge.